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Lushing, fresh, and organic Australian vegetables are grown and distributed by AusNorth worldwide

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Seasonal Vegetables

Asian vegetables and other vegetables are grown in the NT. The most common
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Asian vegetables and other vegetables are grown in the NT. The most common Asian vegetables are snake bean. Bok choy, wombok, okra, bitter melon and long melons. Popular among Asians.
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    AusNorth Trading has been delivering the finest seasonal Asian and other vegetables around the world for years now. We have empowered local NorthernTerritory’ss farmers and growers with our best-in-class distribution channels. The seasonal vegetables are nurtured in unpolluted and pristine NT areas and rendered without any preservatives to freshly present at your doorsteps.

    Our partnered network and professional distributors team are highly experienced. We test locally grown vegetables on different levels and only deliver high-quality products to you. Leveraging a mellow and pure NT atmosphere, we are able to share a variety of seasonal vegetables with the world, including okra, Asian melon, bitter melon, and many more.

    Our Cherished Northern Territory Vegetables Garden

    Northern Territory is blessed with wide and pristine land, waterfronts, and nurturing climatic conditions. This allows the AusNorth team to collect a variety of seasonal vegetables from a vast Northern Australian garden and safely deliver them to you.

    Seasonal Asian Veggies

    In the untouched NT area, a variety of seasonal Asian vegetables are harvested with natural techniques. Our experts harness organic Asian vegetables across Northern Australia and pack them to deliver at your doorsteps. We offer a wide range of Asian vegetable options to our customers, including okra, snake beans, bok chey, wombok, bitter melon, and many more.

    Asian Melons

    Asian melons are popular vegetables grown and savored across Asia. At AusNorth, we offer a wide variety of Asian melons harvested organically around Darwin in the Northern Territory and other Northern regions such as smooth luffa, angled luffa, wax gourd, hairy melon, and winter melon.

    Bitter Melons

    During the dry season (between March to September), we provide fresh bitter melons to our customers. From the lush Northern Territory farmlands, we pluck a variety of bitter melons, including Moonlight, a Taiwanese hybrid with bumpy skin, and others for you.


    Throughout the year, we provide high-quality and organic okra or commonly known as ladyfinger, to our customers. We can assure you that you will nowhere find better quality okra than here.

    Snake Beans

    You can also order nutritious snake beans grown in rich hilly areas in the Northern Territory. Our snake beans receive green manure crop or animal manure treatment, which makes them extremely healthy and nutritious.

    Why Order AusNorth Vegetables

    Pristine Quality : After passing through different quality standards, we deliver the best vegetables only.
    High Nutritional Value : We only deal with organic vegetables harvested in rich Northern Territory land.
    100% Customer Satisfaction : We strive to provide the best and fast services to our customers.
    Local Produce : We work with local NT farmers and growers only.
    Let’s Order the Best Australian Vegetables Today!