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Offering Pristine Australian and Seafood
Produce at Your Doorsteps

Immaculate Asian Vegetables

AusNorth Trading exports the clean Asian vegetables nourished with the pure Northern Australian waterways and hybrid farming techniques around the globe. Our fresh Asian produce includes Okra, Hairy Melons, Bitter Melons, Snake Beans, and Long Beans.
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Scavenged Seafood

Original Australian sea delicacies fostered in an unpolluted and spotless environment are exported worldwide by us. Our succulent tropical seafood products include fresh Barramundi, Mud Crabs, and Reef Fish. We offer both wild and farm cultivated Barramundi to bring diverse flavors to your dinner table.
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Mellow Tropical Fruits

The taste, nectarine, and texture of tropical fruits are well-known worldwide. Therefore, at AusNorth Trading, we ship a variety of citrus and seasonal fruits such as Mangos, Watermelons, Rockmelons, Honeydew Melons, Lemons, and many other fruits globally.
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Brief Introduction

Aus North Trading is an Australian owned business providing a wide range of high quality food commodities for Australians. We have mainly been serving domestic demands, and as our business grows, we are investing into exports opportunities.

Our network in Asia has been developing and we are identifying partners within Asia, especially in Singapore, to kickstart our interest to bringing Australian products to the rest of the world.

AusNorth Trading

Connecting Northern Australia to the World

AusNorth Trading is a preeminent agriculture and seafood produce exporter in Darwin, Northern Territory. We harbor the South East Asian countries via Singapore to accumulate reliable and sustainable produce from some of the cleanest and greenest areas of Northern Australia. We are fully capable of exporting fresh Aussie vegetables, fruits, and seafood globally. AusNorth also imports fertilizer and uria for Australian farmers to grow the best quality products for global users.
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Why Choose Us

Why AusNorth Trading Stands Out in the Crowd

Our team of experts have years of unquestionable knowledge when it comes to knowing our Northern Australian farming regions and standard of its produce. Our team is born and bred in this sector and we are very passionate about the quality and sustainability of both agriculture as well as marine life in this region.


Competitive Pricing

We can export pure and blooming Australian produce at highly affordable rates and even in small quantities to you.

High-end Quality Standards

Our team follows all the international and local hygiene standards to deliver just farm-like fresh agriculture and seafood produce.

Timely Delivery

We ensure that your ordered products will reach you the given time before it gets spoiled or damaged in any way

24*7 Support

Whether you want to inquire about our product's quality, delivery system, or anything else, we are always here to address queries.
Why Australian Produce

What Makes Northern Australian Produce
Best in the World


Pristine Waterways

Northern Australia is blessed with some of the purest and richest waterways that can sustain superior quality crops and marine creatures.
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Widespread Countryside

The Northern Territory is the cleanest countryside where pollution hasn’t touched yet. Therefore, the produce here is unspoiled from all kinds of impurities.
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Rich Flora and Fna

Australian vegetables, fruits, and seafood products range is wider than your imagination. From native Australian fruits to Asian vegetables, you can find a variety of products here.
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Expert Farming Community

Australian farmers are highly advanced and technical. They use some of the latest harvesting and storage techniques to produce top-notch quality vegetables and fruits.
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No heavy
First Crop
on the land
No Chemical Residue
of repurposed land
Preserving Indigenous culture
No over
Cultivation with
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